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                  Bosch Rexroth. WE MOVE. YOU WIN.

                  You set the requirements for your machine, your project, your system. Then, we combine our drive and control technology and unique expertise to give you the right solution. Whether it’s for Mobile Applications, Machinery Applications and Engineering, Factory Automation, or Renewable Energies, companies worldwide trust us to provide innovative components, complete system solutions and expert services, drawing on our portfolio of precise, proven, energy-efficient hydraulics, electric drives and controls and linear motion and assembly technologies. It’s what we do. We move everything.

                  • We are Automation.
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                    We are Automation.

                    Bosch Rexroth Automation & Electrification Solutions is your ‘can-do’ partner for industrial automation. No matter how challenging or complex the task, we will make automation work for you with our safe, flexible, transparent, intelligent and highly efficient solutions.

                  • Connected Hydraulics
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                    We are Connected Hydraulics.

                    Combining hydraulics advantages like power density and robust performance, with the flexibility of state-of-the art controls: At Bosch Rexroth you will find the largest intelligent and connectable hydraulics portfolio, from hydraulic components to complete system solutions with controls.

                  • We move everything. We are The Drive & Control Company.
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                    We move everything. We are The Drive & Control Company.

                    See how the people of Bosch Rexroth apply their passion and expertise to create the world’s most powerful, precise, energy-efficient and innovative drive and control solutions.


                  Move with Rexroth

                  Factory Automation

                  Discover how Bosch Rexroth's technology and expertise can help you advance the performance and value of your automation solutions.

                  Factory of the Future Webinars

                  From open standards, smart automation and connecting your factory to the IoT, learn what it takes to implement your Factory of the Future.

                  GoTo Solutions

                  Our GoTo Program helps cut the waste from your production processes – with best-in-class delivery.

                  Factory of the Future Experience

                  Explore how to achieve full production transparency, flexibility and increased productivity by connecting your factory to the IoT.


                  PLSA Roller Screws

                  Cost-effective, high-performance roller screw for applications requiring up to 25,000 pounds of pressure.

                  Product Selector

                  Product Selector

                  Download CAD drawings, see list price and estimated lead times for our most popular linear rails and runner blocks.

                  Connected Hydraulics

                  Connected Hydraulics

                  Connected Hydraulics sets new benchmarks for performance, functionality and lifetime


                  Join us at OTC 2019, May 6–9 in Houston,TX to see our latest in marine and offshore technologies!


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