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                  Industrial Hydraulics

                  Connected Hydraulics

                  The Future of Hydraulics Begins

                  Connected Hydraulics will leverage the power and intelligence of Bosch Rexroth’s advanced hydraulics technology to break through limits and set new benchmarks for performance, functionality and lifetime.


                  Directional valves, Isolator valves, Pressure valves, Flow control valves, Cartridge valves

                  On/off valves


                  Proportional valves, high-response valves and servo valves

                  Proportional, high-response and servo valves

                  Blocks, Manifolds and Plates

                  Manifolds and plates




                  Sensors and signal transmitters for hydraulic components

                  Sensors and signal transmitters

                  Hydraulic Accumulators




                  Oil treatment

                  Oil treatment


                  Cooling elements, Heating elements for hydraulics

                  Cooling and heating elements

                  Tools and configurators of Industrial Hydraulics

                  Tools and configurators



                  More information

                  The pQ Hydraulics Blog

                  The pQ Hydraulics Blog

                  Useful information and knowledge for the technology hydraulics.

                  Pure Power filter technology

                  Pure Power

                  Breakthrough filter technology for maximum hydraulic performance.