Services for metallurgy by Bosch Rexroth


                  Our locations for metallurgy

                  The right service solutions for metallurgy

                  Bosch Rexroth offers specialized services for metallurgy and is the only company that can replace or repair Rexroth products back to the original specification at globally valid quality standards.


                  Spare Part Logistics & Management

                  Through our network we ensure that the Service Points in your country are up to date. Rexroth guarantees a quick and reliable spare parts supply, regardless of the plant′s location.

                  Spare Parts

                  Predictive Maintenance

                  Rexroth Service offers condition-based maintenance with a comprehensive service from a single source and central data storage and analysis (ODiN).

                  Predictive Maintenance by Bosch Rexroth


                  Third Party Product Replacement

                  We replace proportional and servo valves and our filters ensure ideal operating conditions throughout the entire life cycle.

                  Proportional and Servo Valves

                  Maintenance Agreements

                  Rexroth offers you support in the form of user-specific service agreements in order to maximize plant uptime and avoid unpleasant surprises.

                  Service Agreements



                  Bosch Rexroth has the particular knowledge for metallurgy in the range of modernization. After Rexroth modernization measures, machines and systems work considerably more economically and energy-efficiently with extended life cycles.

                  Modernization by Bosch Rexroth

                  Fitness Checks

                  We check and analyze the condition of all the drive and control components to provide the basis for information pointing to the maintenance requirements. With Rexroth′s professional oil analysis service, you ensure the security and performance of your machinery.

                  Fluid Management