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                  Today, independent learning on a computer is an essential part of knowledge transfer, as it enables time-independent and place-independent learning. Increasingly important lifelong learning generally means learning while working. In this regard, flexibility with respect to time and place is particularly important. Follow your training courses whenever you want, wherever you are.

                  Rexroth has a wide variety of eLearning solutions and web-based training for drive and control technology.

                  Learn at your own place. Repeat modules as often as you like.

                  Benefits of eLearning

                  • Enjoy the benefits of
                    location-independent learning.
                  • Freely choose your learning periods.
                  • Learn at your own pace.
                  • Repeat modules as often as you like.


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                  We offer the following eLearning courses in English language:


                  Courses Link
                  Basic knowledge of Hydraulics eHTG
                  Basic Knowledge of Mobile Hydraulics eHTGM
                  Basic knowledge of Electric Drive Technology eEATG
                  Basic Knowledge of Electric Control Technology eESTG
                  Basic knowledge of Pneumatics ePTG
                  Basic knowledge of Linear Motion Technology eLTG
                  Basic knowledge of Safety Technology eFSi
                  Basic knowledge of Energy efficiency e4EE
                  Energy efficiency of variable speed pump drives e4EE Sytronix
                  Sercos, the automation bus eSER

                  Our eLearnings will soon be available in a number of different languages.